Monday, August 09, 2010

We know you’d rather spend your time watching videos than waiting for them to download. That’s why along with other video formats we designed the P3 to also support DIVX. Not only is DIVX the most popular format, it’s also the fastest and easiest to download. After a firmware upgrade you just download directly to your P3. Then view them in full 16:9 format. You can even capture or bookmark your favorite scenes. With the P3 your wait is over.

With the P3 your videos and music aren’t the only things you’ll be touched by. Put your finger on the P3’s wide touch screen and you get a reassuring touch right back. It’s called a HAPTIC sensor
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  1. It is really good news that Samsung has launched its palm theatre plus 8 GB. Though it is launched only in UK now but after some time it will be launched in other country as well.

  2. These is one of the great information which you can share is really very great it will be launched in UK in all these there are so many things which is really very great. It is one of the most popular format in all these which is really very great.

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  4. It 's also the easiest and fastest download. After updating the firmware just downloaded directly to P3.


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